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Magnesium Technology

Components that are both strong and light are of great importance in many markets. Magnesium is a lightweight metal with very good material properties. It is 35% lighter than aluminium and 80% lighter than steel. The magnesium used by Mifa is also at least 20% stronger than the conventional aluminium used in construction, related to the specific mass of the materials. Mifa has put a lot of research into magnesium technology in order to discover all the advantages when using it for profiles. 

Magnesium extrusion profiles from  /- 0.02mm 

A breakthrough recently took place in the field of magnesium extrusion following years of extensive R&D. Ultimately, it proved possible to extrude magnesium profiles with very tight dimension tolerances upwards of approx. 0.02 mm. Magnesium is therefore now also available as an extrusion material for various markets in which weight in combination with strength is of great importance. The freedom of design is just as great as with aluminium. Magnesium profiles can be used in areas including:

  • Lightweight mobility products;
  • The automotive, defence, and aerospace sectors;
  • Machinery
  • Sports bicycles.

Download the magnesium technology whitepaper and see the properties of the magnesium we use for your profiles, components or your products.

Magnesium technology leads to perfect magnesium products

Magnesium has huge potential! With the right coating, we can make the perfect magnesium product for your desired application. Mifa constructs a broad range of different products every day, like magnesium extrusion profiles. We construct wheelchairs, photo cameras, components for the automotive and aviation industries, parts for machinery and even casings for electronics.

Magnesium has a bright future ahead of it, a future that Mifa already offers today. If you are interested in the opportunities, we’d love to show you what we can do. 

Contact us here and our engineers will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

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