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Mifa extrusion aluminium


What started with a small extrusion press in 1975 is now a large modern machine shop in which we manufacture a fully-finished and complete product. For clients Mifa is therefore a one-stop-shop for precision extrusion, machining, surface treatment and assembly. If we don’t have a specific technique in house then we engage the expertise of others. Even in that case, as a client you therefore only have one point of contact: Mifa.

For many decades, Mifa has been the benchmark when it comes to precision extrusion. We are a specialist in producing the most complex aluminum extrusion profiles. Our extrusion profiles are used in many products and markets:

Are you currently designing a product and looking for a partner that can help and advise you with the development of your profile, component or product? Our engineers would love to help and advise you.
Read below what they can do for you and what you may gain.

Mifa is the specialist when it comes to aluminium machining and magnesium profilesWe undertake every imaginable machining process in our modern CNC-controlled machine shop, which has around 25 machines. Over the years we have developed efficient machining  for very precise and complex products.

Aluminum is a versatile high-tech material, but without proper treatment, you can experience corrosion, wear resistance, and poor conductivity or reduce friction. You can prevent that!

In our assembly department, we assemble components into semi-finished or complete products. These often involve Mifa components and components supplied by the client or purchased externally. This allows us to assemble the profiles we produce into complete end products.

Components that are both strong and light are of great importance in many markets. Magnesium is a lightweight metal with very good material properties. It is 35% lighter than aluminium and 80% lighter than steel. The magnesium used by Mifa is also at least 20% stronger than the conventional aluminium used in construction, related to the specific mass of the materials. Mifa has put a lot of research into magnesium technology in order to discover all the advantages when using it for profiles. 

Mifa prefers to take responsibility from start to finish when it comes to the development and production of aluminium and magnesium profiles. Our specific knowledge and experience with precision extrusion, surface treatment, machining, and all the other processes result in an optimum product. And, of course, transparency for you as a customer.

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