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Mifa extrusion aluminium

Medical equipment

The global medical market will continue to grow significantly in size and investments. Staying ahead of the competition is vital. Time to market, total costs, innovation, sustainability and premium quality are essential for an excellent performance in this very demanding market. That's why medical OEM's worldwide strategically rely on MIFA precision extruded products.

Medical equipment

Smart design without concessions

MIFA's core businesses are co-engineering and precision extrusion of custom profiles in aluminium and magnesium alloys. Our high-tech precision extrusion technology offers unprecedented design freedom that cannot be achieved in other manufacturing techniques. We open up a whole new universe of creative ideas & smart solutions to designers and mechanical engineers. Together we search for the optimal balance between functionality and manufacturability in your design. You are always assured of the best or even a better functional product design at the lowest total cost. Moreover, we can process your profile in-house into a fully finished precision component, including assembly and surface treatments. 

Our strengths are your benefits!

Multiple functions in 1 shape

Our precision extrusion technology enables the integration of multiple functions in one all-encompassing smart profile shape with an unprecedented high level of accuracy. This boosts yield and efficiency of your design and offers one-of-a-kind solutions for example: positioning & guiding rails, heating & cooling modules, housings for pneumatics & electronics and LED lighting, connecting & joining, weight saving, telescopic columns, fixtures, frame parts, handlebars. 

Challenge us with early-stage involvement!

MIFA precision components can be found in many solutions and applications:

  • Medical imaging for diagnostics & therapy
  • Smart (wearable) devices for (tele-) monitoring of patients
  • Radiological therapy
  • Laboratory analysis and measuring equipment
  • Medical ventilators & anaesthesia devices
  • Patient positioning systems and treatment tables
  • Infusion pumps for medicinal therapy, blood transfusion and parenteral nutrition
  • Orthopaedics and Physiotherapy
  • Packaging machines for pharmaceutical industry (aseptic weighing and filling)
  • Medical instruments (endoscopes)

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Precision extrusion tolerances (from ±0,02 mm)

The standard tolerances on dimensions for extrusion profiles, depending on the chosen alloy and required level of precision, can be found in norms EN755-9 and EN12020-2. Here you will find minimum tolerances starting from respectively ± 0,4 mm and ± 0,2 mm. For precision applications, this level of accuracy is certainly not sufficient and additional machining operations are required.

MIFA is able to extrude ten times more accurately than the standard norms. We enable tolerances from ± 0.02 mm directly in the extrusion process. Additional and costly machining operations can be reduced to an absolute minimum or even to zero. Fitting dimensions such as h10 or H10 are also possible directly in your extruded profile.

Unparalleled precision!

Your benefits with Mifa Precision Extrusion Technology:

Our Strenghts

Our USP's

Your benefits

Precision tolerances



Dimensional tolerances from ± 0,02 mm

Straightness and torsion 3x better than EN12020-2


Directly in extrusion profile

Avoiding / reducing costly addiditional machining operations

Fittings h10 or H10 direrctly in profile




Best design: balance between functionality - manufacturability


Better product at the lowest total cost

Quality standards





IATF 16949 (Mifa Surface Treatment)

Top quality

First time right


Complex extrusion shapes




Multi cores technology

Asymmetric shapes

Variabel wall thicknesses allowd

Extended depth/width ratios allowed (> 1:3)

Optimal integration of functions

Reduction number of components or production steps

Increase efficiency and yield (cooling and heating applications)

Thin wall thickness

From 0,25 mm


Substantial weight savings, ultra-light design

Optimal heat exchange

Flexible quantities





From 10 kg/batch to unlimited





Major advantages extrusion technology immediately accessible

Alternative technology for machining from solid material

From proto (feasibility and learning curve) to serial product within same technology

Optimal order quantities and stock management



> Ra 0,3 mm (extrusion direction)

> Ra 0,5 mm (perpendicular extrusion direction)

Avoiding / reducing costly extra machining operations 

Fully finished product directly from extrusion

Profile sizes and weight


From ø 3 mm to ø 180 mm, rectangle 220 x 60 mm

From 3 gram/m to 10kg/m

Small profiles, new field extrusion


Alloys Wide ranges in Aluminium and Magnesium

Always the best alloy suited for your application

Vertical Integration



CNC Machining, 3D Bending, Surface Trreatments, Assembly and Laser engraving

Single point contact (orders/quality/support)

Knowhow total value chain

Cost savings


Delivery in kits

Cost savings

Countinuous investment programs


Highly automated and robotic production


Cost savings

Latest machines and new technologies

Mifa academy / Extrusion campus


Sharing expertise

Investment in a long-term relationship

Masterclass / Webinars / Whitepapers 

Education customers engineers

Part of Aalberts





Strong and healthy financial partner

Clustering with affiliates in projects

Liability covered by insurance


Code of conduct

Secured supply chain

Vertical integration/single point of contact

Secured business / financial cover



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Are you interested in our precision extrusion possibilities or in our other techniques:

  • Machining
  • Surface treatment
  • Assembly
  • Co-engineering

Please contact us here. We are happy to help you.

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